About Intrika

Intrika is a sophisticated and contemporary take on Indian wear, uniquely crafted through lace designed in Europe. The legacy of centuries of lace making finds a new voice in beautifully designed Indian wear, comprising both traditional as well as avant garde silhouettes and structures. Intrika is about creating an original look through a fusion of not just Eastern and Western aesthetics, but is also a meeting point of skill sets from the past and a chic and modern India. Intrika understands the nuances of lace, of how it can transform, not just itself but also its wearer, with a delicate balance of style, elegance and timeless quality. The delicate balance between beauty and a stylish wardrobe is being constantly reinvented. But some things remain a classic. Fine craftsmanship. Intricate details. Expert silhouettes. They become timeless, little stories of beauty that outlast our lives. They become treasure troves of memory - clothes that eventually come to mark milestones, small moments in time that change lives forever. They carry with them, woven into their warps and wefts, nuggets of emotion informed through memory. They are special because they have arrived in your hands with a special story themselves, inviting you to build on their narrative. An intricate web which you can infuse with your own tale. One that can eventually become your legacy. A story that can turn a simple, elegant dress into a heritage. This is the story of Intrika. This is the story of you.

The Intrika Woman

Woman On the move, always elegant, always chic. She's a global diva, equally at home at The Royal Albert Hall in London or a baithak on a cold wintry night in New Delhi. She's an enigma, a confident woman aware of and revelling in her own vulnerability. She creates her own legacy, but is always open to quiet adventures to expand her world view. She wants the elegance of heritage combined with the modern ease of contemporary wear. In Intrika she finds a kindred spirit, with its range a perfect complement to her moods and the different roles she plays effortlessly in life.

Intrika's signature elements

Intrika's strength lies in its mastery over lace. Europe has been home to master lace makers for centuries and are instrumental in creating the intricate intriguing patterns of Intrika's lace delicate Chantilly-inspired lace designs that are used in each piece of garment. These delicate fabrics have then been designed to create Indian fusion contemporary wear that translates this complex craftsmanship and design into a glamorous, delicate, feminine, and versatile wardrobe, highlighting colours, and a modern woman's many personalities. Intrika redefines Modern Indian Chic to create a wide variety of looks to choose from, ultimately promising the same thing - glamorous fashion with everlasting appeal. Depending on how lace is used it becomes an invisible accent, a subtle drape, a strong statement, a bold move. In its tactile versatility, it adapts using colour and texture, draping itself around the Intrika woman to create a unique style quotient.